Weakly-Supervised Multi-Sentence Relation Extraction

Felipe Felix Arias, Alex Ratner, Christopher RĂ©
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Stanford University

Research Project for the Leadership Alliance 2018

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We extend the natural language processing abilities of Snorkel, a system for rapidly creating training data, to include cross- sentence n-ary relation extraction. A vast majority of the work on relation extraction, the task of extracting semantic relationships between two or more entities, has concentrated on single sentences. Therefore, we use a drug-disease causation dataset with labels for multi-sentence relations to test how a weakly supervised model could perform against one trained with hand-made labels. We propose a novel heuristic that looks for the keywords within a custom multi- sentence dependency tree. By searching along the path defined by the syntactic relationships (e.g., subject, determinant, classifier) between the drug and disease our model is able to perform as well as models trained with hand-labeled data.


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